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A Discussion Community for Reproductive Rights in Maryland and Everywhere Else
Welcome to Pro-Choice Maryland!!!

Community Guidelines

-Discussion of reproductive rights happening in other states and countries *is* allowed and encouraged.
-You *don't have* to be a native or a resident of Maryland to join this community.
-This *isn't* a debate community. If you want to start a debate over a reproductive issue like abortion (i.e "Is abortion wrong?") or someone's stance (i.e "Why are you pro-choice?"), take it to abortiondebate.
-If things get heated (as it's not a secret that we can still disagree with each other about something even if we're on the same stance)...attack the view, not the person.
-Play nicely. If you don't, you will be warned once to knock it off. If you don't heed warning, you'll be banned.
-Don't troll personal journals of members and other communities. You will be banned without warning
-Do not delete comments repeatedly unless it's for a spelling or grammar error.
-Do not disabled comments. You can do that all you want on your personal journal, but not here.
-Put long posts behind an LJ cut.
-Anonymous posting has been disabled. Only registered users can post here.
-No drama from other communities, sites, and other people's journals. If you have a problem with a community, take it up with them...*not us*. If you have a problem with an individual, ignore them or report them to the LJ staff. If it involves bullying, go to my other community bullying_begone.
-No spamming, especially if the community or site has nothing to do with our community.
-Views that are misogynist, racist, homophobic, and basically holds prejudice or hate against another demographic *are not* welcome here. If you harbor views such as those, go to a community that supports those views.
-Views that involve the belief that violence is the best way to get your point across is not tolerated here, regardless where you stand in the debate. It is a form of organized terrorism. Posts or comments advocating violence will be deleted. The responsible poster will be banned without warning. If the post or comment contains a threat, it will be reported.

*To pro-life/anti-abortion folk: You can join this community for the time being. Keep in mind this is a pro-choice discussion community. Should we see a lot of problems caused by you all, membership from this community will be closed off to you. You've been warned :)

Disclaimer: The rules are subject to change as the maintainers see fit. If you don't like the rules of this community, there is the door ---->

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